Restorative Dentistry

Sealants, Fillings and Crowns

Sealants can be applied on some teeth, after the age of six, to reduce the likelihood of a cavity forming on them. A layer of glue is applied to any grooves on the surface of the tooth to seal it off from any food and bacteria.

In the event of a cavity, a filling would be required to correct the problem. In cases of larger cavities or in teeth with root canals, a crown may be recommended by the dentist to protect the remainder of the tooth.

child at the dental office

Root Canal

In cases where the nerve of the tooth has been irritated, like in a case of a deep cavity, the nerve inside the tooth may begin to die. This leads to a tooth abscess. Instead of removing the tooth, root canal treatment may be performed in order to save the tooth.

dentist pointing to tooth model